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  • TheKidsDiary is a Learning Management Solution tailored for the Kids Next-Gen. It is a complete solution that seamlessly connects Parents, Teachers, school Administrators and Students by means of open communication mechanisms.

KidsDiary Features

  • Enquiries, Complaints, and Feedback Management System

    Enquiries, Complaints, and Feedback Management System allows anyone to access key information about courses, admissions, fees, schedule, and facilities over the web.

    This ensures availability of more consistent and accurate information to students, parents, staff, and management. It also allows higher availability of data by way of remote and 24x7 access to repeatable information. This directly results in higher productivity of your administrative staff by balancing their efforts spent on value-added tasks. Due to reduced manual interventions, higher service rate is also ensured.

  • Registration and Admission System

    Registration and Admission System helps the college administrative staff to easily manage initial student registrations and final admissions to programs. With our Online Application module, paper work, manual validations, and the overall turnaround time for offline application processing are reduced. Students can get the latest update on application status online thus reducing the time spent in query response. This module supports multiple levels of selection process - all of which can be optional. Inbuilt support is available for entrance tests and interview process.

    For making the selections of applicants easy, computer-based entrance tests can be arranged that can be taken on an on-campus/other approved facility. Schedule of interviews for subsequent shortlisted students can be published online or invites can be sent via SMS/email. Once the final selection is done, the list of shortlisted students is published online and alerts are also sent via SMS/email.

    Using this module, the transfer of selected students from Registration to Admission state is very easy.

  • Financial Management System

    Financial Management System supports a configurable fee structure including various components such as admission fee, tuition fee, deposits, concessions, etc. The payment schedule can be customized at program-level. Online payment using standard Payment Gateways is supported. Receipts are available online for further reference along with reports of deposits, course-wise total fees, etc. Application for scholarships and payment of scholarships can be done using this module.

  • Calendar Management System

    Calendar Management System helps you to manage schedules and course timetables in a very user-friendly manner. Calendar data can be imported from MS Outlook or csv format. Various events, recurrences, and reminders via SMS/email can be set.

  • Attendance Management System

    Attendance Management System helps the department staff to maintain the daily attendance register for both staff members and students. Various reports for time-period-wise (monthly/term-wise) attendance, subject-wise, department-wise can be generated.

    Reports can be sent to parents/guardians on demand or by way of default-triggered alerts.

  • Content Management System

    Content Management System allows easy creation and maintenance of course contents and syllabus. The contents can be kept private till the time they are in progress of creation or review. Drafts can be saved for future publishing. Once they are made public, notifications can be sent to participants.

    Resources can be linked for easier cross-referencing. E-learning modules can be linked to topics. Online presentation links can be made available to participants when the teacher attaches a video.

  • Assessment Management System

    Assessment Management System allows the teachers/assessors to define marks and grades using an easy evaluation definition workflow. Various types of assessment such as class assignment, class quiz, entrance tests, inter-college competitions, mock tests, preliminary exams, project assignments, final exams, oral exams with internal and external evaluation can be configured.

    Multi-level evaluation including moderation process, re-evaluation, re-exam is supported.

  • Result and Certificate Management System

    Result and Certificate Management System allows easy access to results as they are published online and also via SMS/email. Various reports such as grade-wise, course-wise, term-wise etc can be generated for management.

    Certificates can be generated by administrative staff and uploaded in student's document vault from where they can be accessed in a secured manner. Integration of certificates into formats supported by printing-vendors ensures consistency of printed versions.

  • Performance Management System

    Performance Management System allows your university or college to measure and enhance performance of staff as well as students by way of our Goal and Competency Management modules. A balanced scorecard is generated to indicate progress over a period of time.

  • Library Management System

    Library Management System has user-friendly screens for cataloguing, online issue, renewal, returns, fines and payments, online resource access, subscriptions, online search and reference facility. E-learning modules can also be integrated as catalogued resources.

  • Inventory Management System

    Inventory Management System can be used in canteens, libraries, sports facilities, hostels, and other support facilities. It allows easy cataloguing of resources available, issual of resources to authorized users, reminders for returns, alerts for ordering refills, etc.

  • Hostel Management System

    Hostel Management System is a powerful tool to keep track of room waiting lists, preferences, allocations, and vacancies. It also helps request, schedule, prioritize, and track maintenance activities via an online portal that can be accessed by inmates as well as supervisors. Vigilance module integrates with entry gateway system to provide reports on visitors.

  • Communication Modules

    Apart from the above, we provide the following modules for easier communication and information exchange:

    • Announcements
    • Chat
    • Email
    • Blog
    • Forum
    • Alumni Forum
    • Parents Association Forum
    • FAQs for various users
  • Reporting System

    Reporting System provides different reports to users based on their role. Students and parents can view reports about grades for various courses, improvement records, fee payment history, attendance, and participation history for various events. Teachers and other staff can view reports for attendance, registrations, grades, survey results. All users can view performance scorecards for themselves.

    Management can also view financial reports, registration and admission related reports etc for analytics.

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